When purchasing property in North Cyprus, begin by researching the real estate in North Cyprus and inspect the property you desire. It is critical to work with a registered real estate agent and hire experienced lawyer who will ensure that the property has a clear title deed,  conduct due diligence, review contracts and guide you through the legal procedures in the purchase.

Yes. Foreigners is currently allowed to purchase and hold the title of one property per person.If you want to buy multiple properties as an investment, you have purchase on trust and will need legal assistance in this matter.

Yes. Under the current laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus , Law No. 52/2008 on the “Acquisition of Real Estate and Long-Term Rental (Foreigners)” foreign nationals are entitled to take title to only one property (1 flat or 1 villa). If the property is a plot of land, this plot of land must not exceed the size up to 1 donum, however, if the Property is a dwelling, the plot of land it is based on must not exceed the size of 5 donums, providing that the property only consists of one dwelling

Yes. Purchasing property in North Cyprus can have a number of potential pitfalls. It is advised for all potential purchasers or investors to exercise extreme caution when buying a property and consult with an independent and qualified lawyer/advocate before purchasing in North Cyprus.

There are three types of title deeds based on the origins before the division and all of them are issued by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as T.R.N.C Title.

Pre- 74 Title Deeds (Turkish Title Deed Koçan)

Property or Land owned by foreign national or Turkish Cypriot prior to the division of Cyprus in 1974

Exchange Title Deeds (Eşdeğer Koçan)

Property or Land owned by Greek Cypriots pre-1974. These types of title deeds is known as equal value. Turkish Cypriots exchanged their abandoned land/property in South Cyprus for an abandoned Greek Cypriot land/property in the North Cyprus using point system.

TMD Title Deeds (Tahsis Koçan)

Greek owned pre-1974. These types of title deeds were awarded and/or gifted to Turkish Cypriots and their families for their military or government service.


These properties are owned by the TRNC government and offers long term lease

According to Law 52/2008- Immovable Property Acquisition and Long term Lease (Aliens Law)  every non-citizen to must obtain permission from the TRNC Council of Ministers before registering the title deed in their name. Munir Akil Law Firm makes the application and follows the process on your behalf.

In the event that your permission to purchase application is refused, you can nominate another party on your behalf and hold on trust on your behalf.

No, if you provide a valid power of attorney to your appointed qualified lawyer. We can act on your behalf for all formalities and you do not need to come to North Cyprus during the conveyancing process.

  • Passport: Required to initiate purchases.
  • Criminal Record: Foreign nationals must submit a criminal history record document from country of origin, which they will receive from the judicial authorities serving in their own country. The document must be translated into English or Turkish.

Foreign investors intending to purchase real estate must gather information on the proximity of the property if it is close to a military zones and/or naval base. Apart from this, the buyer needs to have proof such as police certificate that shows no previous criminal convictions/charges in their name.

Ownership of a property in North Cyprus does not entitle you to residency, however it can certainly help you to obtain a residency permit. According to our law, foreigners are required to obtain the necessary legal permits in order to work and live in North Cyprus. Without obtaining residency permit, currently you can spend maximum of 90 days visa in North Cyprus if you owe property in North Cyprus provided communicated to the TRNC Immigration Officer upon entry or by making extension at the relevant authorities before the deadline of visa provided.

Technically no but if there is a mutual agreement between the parties the sale can take place. Therefore it is essential to include a clause in your contract of sale that you have the right to sell your property without taking the title deed. 

When a plot of land is owed more than two homeowners. The property is not registered on the title deed and you will owe the corresponding share of the land.

While foreigners/non-citizens are free to buy property in North Cyprus, owning a home does not allow you to a visa or allow you to reside in North Cyprus permanently. You will need to look into the different visa options to find the right one for you, and apply for residency through the usual routes according to TRNC Laws .

In the event that the property’s title deed is not registered in your name, yet you possess legal ownership through a sales agreement, the distribution of the property among beneficiaries and heirs becomes a process that demands thorough attention. This process may extend over a prolonged period and could potentially entail additional taxation, contingent upon the prevailing status of the title deeds and the original vendor.